Northwest’s Haunted House frights and delights


Provided by Zoey Norris

Northwest students pose in one of the Haunted House rooms on Oct. 28. The Haunted House proceeds benefited the Drama Make-Believers.

From detailed costumes and gruesome makeup to classmates screaming at you in classrooms around the school, the Northwest High School’s Haunted House was one to remember. 

The Haunted House took place during the evening of the teacher workday, Monday, Oct. 28. Northwest High School’s hallways and classrooms were transformed into “historical haunts,” and for $5 admission, one could take a tour. All proceeds benefited the theater department’s replacement of stage curtains, which “are falling apart and look horrifying,” according to the Make-Believer’s promotional poster.

“Picture me in my backyard, covered in fake blood, home alone, lighting things on fire. And then my neighbors come outside,” senior Kierstyn Gray said.

Gray worked behind the scenes and led tours as one of the undead guides. She says the experience leading up was memorable, to say the least. 

“I got the cops called on me while making this shirt,” Gray said.

Originality and imagination were immersed in every part of the creation process.

Freshman Chloe Lamb was part of the makeup crew.

“(For) Bloody Mary, I got to put blood underneath their mask,” Lamb said. “That was probably the best makeup look I did, and it was my favorite.”

Leading up to the big reveal, the cast and crew felt heavy emotions.

“Everyone was anxious like, ‘Are we gonna do this right?’ Once we got to perform it for the makeup crew, we were feeling confident in ourselves,” Lamb said.

There are some deviations from the original plan, but overall the drama department was extremely pleased with the outcome.

“It’s different than what we imagined, but in some ways it’s better than what we imagined because its just so fun,” Gray said. “It’s not one of those haunted houses where you go through and get terrified out of your mind, but you can’t leave and say you didn’t have fun.”