Mercury Retrograde on Halloween


The planet Mercury and other stars appear in the night sky.

As people prepare to take the streets or attend house parties to celebrate the spookiest time of the year, the universe throws plans of its own.

Today on Oct. 31, the planet Mercury goes into retrograde which has a number of people shocked about the coincidence of it starting on Halloween.

The astrological term “retrograde” is the motion when a planet appears, when observed from Earth, to reverse direction than its original. This basically means that a retrograde is caused by an illusion cast based on the differences in orbit.  

Superstitious people believe that retrogrades cause a change in many types of human behavior. Mercury, the planet that rules communication will be in retrograde until Nov. 20. 

With Mercury going into retrograde, this does not necessarily mean it is going to impact us individually, but the superstition surrounding retrograde intimates that there will be miscommunication and common delays. In addition, some people think that the retrograde will affect the way we think and interact.

The term retrograde originates from the Latin word “retrogadus,” which means backward steps. The meaning of this word is ironic because in a retrograde, the planet orbits opposite from its original rotation. In 150 AD, Ancient Greece astronomer, Ptolemy, believed that the Earth was the center of the Solar System and used the term “retrograde” to describe the movement of the planets in regards to the stars. 

Over the past centuries, the term retrograde has transformed from the subject of astronomy to astrology. The difference between the two is that astronomy is the study of space and celestial objects and astrology refers to the claim of human affairs and terrestrial events.

Now that you have learned more about Mercury retrograde, hopefully this will help guide you through the astrological event.