Easy Halloween-inspired landscape painting


Halloween-inspired landscape painting. This craft is included below.

Est. 15-30 minutes.

Level: Beginners/Intermediate

Materials: Black paint, white paint, colorful paint (I chose blue), paper towels, canvas, palette, brush, pens (optional), pencil (optional).

Perfect for a gift/decoration.









First, you start off with your clean canvas. We will be painting a mountain scene, which means free-handed organic shapes are best suited. However, if you prefer more structure, you can start off with a pencil sketch to lay out how your mountains will look.









Next, you can paint some loose, gestural mountain shapes with your base color. I chose blue, but you can pick any color you want. A good tip is to vary the mountain heights; one very big mountain with a few smaller ones looks more natural than many small mountains.









To make these mountains come to life, you can add black shadows on the sides. This helps sculpt and carve out where the ridges are. Don’t be afraid to go bold! A good tip is to have the shadows come in the same direction; all of my shadows are coming in from the left.









Next, you can work on the sky. Add some black near the tops and corners, and slowly blend it down adding white as you go. If you want, you can add some dark, puffy strokes for the clouds. This is purely optional.









Now you can use the white paint to paint a circle; this will be an indication of the moon. You can also load up your brush with white paint and flick it at the canvas to add some stardust and texture.









The final step is to add some finishing details in pen. If you do not have a white pen, you can dot on the stars with white paint. I also decided to outline the bats in white to bring more attention to them. You can also add indicators of cobwebs near the corners to add an extra Halloween touch.

Feel free to modify the image to your liking, and don’t forget to sign your masterpiece!