Are you too old to trick or treat?


Young children dress up as their favorite TV show characters and go door to door collecting candy. For many children this is their favorite day of the year.

Trick or treating has been around for decades, dating back to the middle ages when people dressed up and performed rituals to ward of demons in exchange for treats.

As the years went by, trick or treating has slowly evolved into what it is today–children dressing up in costumes going door to door for candy. This leaves us with one question: when is someone too old to go trick or treating?

“I trick or treated every Halloween when I was younger,” junior Benjamin Ramsey said. “I stopped when I was 11 because I started looking like a whole man.”

Most people seem to stop going out when they reach middle school. Often times parents do not condone teenagers trick or treating, however in some cases trick or treating starts to feel very childish and teens stop on their own.

“I was in sixth grade when I stopped trick or treating,” senior Shelby Lester said. “I just felt likeI was getting too old for it.”

Even if some teens still want to continue the tradition, many times adults prevent this.

“You kind of get funny looks and asked how old you are when you go out past a certain age,” Ramsey said.

Not going trick or treating does not mean that teens decide to do nothing on this unusual holiday. For many, not trick or treating opens the door for other opportunities.

“I go to parties and then the day after I buy discounted candy,” Ramsey said.

Although some kids tend to go out, carve pumpkins and have bonfires, others participate in the tradition of trick or treating in other ways.

“It wasn’t as fun to me as it used to be so now I hand out candy to younger kids,” Lester said.

Still the question remains as to whether or not there is an age where children and teens should stop trick or treating.

“Once you get passed middle school age I don’t think you should trick or treat,” Lester said. “In high school trick or treating starts to lose its value as you mature.”

Others disagree and feel there is no limit and you should be able to do whatever you want.

“Everyone should be allowed to, no one should stop you,” Ramsey said.