Flames rise at the Homecoming Bonfire after Powder Puff


The bonfire sizzles next to the lacrosse field after the Powder Puff game. With a lot of help from students, the event was a success for the second year.

After a history making football game with the victorious juniors, flames arose in the lacrosse field.

This was not an emergency; the annual Northwest Homecoming Bonfire drew students from all grades for warmth and music.

“I came here because the boy cheerleaders are fantastic and I love the seniors,” senior Olivia Burg said. 

Along with supervisor Dan Berry, seniors David Phillips, Aidan Frey, Vincent Cagno and Alex Disterefano worked for four hours to gather wood for the monumental fire. 

“We had to go to tractor supply, and that day we only had two trucks and one tiny trailer, so it took us four trips,” Phillips said.

With three truck beds full of wood, the estimated total of wood was at least one ton.

Philips is experienced since he helped create the first bonfire last year.

“We had more trucks last year, so it took an hour less than it did this year,” Phillips said. 

The rain from Sunday night made the fire starting more difficult, and it took slightly under an hour to get the flames to their full force.

Megan Harkey

The boys’ concerns about the possible dangers were minimal as they were confident in how they structured the wood.

“We built it so that its not going to fall on somebody, it (collapsed) onto itself,” Phillips said.

Also there, seniors Chase and Chad Harrell started a concert on the bed of their truck. After some minor technical difficulties and help from administrator Don Watkins, the group was rocking out to the classics.

“We had connections through friends that had the equipment, we knew the songs we were playing and we just went with it,” Chase Harrell said.

They were also a part of the bonfire festivities last year and made a good showing for attending students.

“The crowd was amazing and it’s been that way every time we’ve done it,” Chase Harrell said. “We get a lot of support and everybody loves music so that’s why we do it.”

The Harrells and company even plan on coming back next year for round three after graduation.

“The music is fantastic, I love the school spirit, and I’m excited for the fire to get bigger,” Burg said. 

The bonfire is a new tradition that Northwest can enjoy for years to come. Year two was a success and those involved are proud of their efforts.

“I think it went well,” Phillips said. “It burned the way we wanted it to and everyone had a good time.”