Athlete of the week: Elizabeth Weidl


contributed by Elizabeth Weidl

Elizabeth Weidl is a senior and captain of the girls’ tennis. Weidl is first position on her team.

What is your favorite thing about tennis?
“Even though I am a part of a team, it is all on me,” Weidl said. “Anything well that I do or anything bad that I do only affects me.”

When did you start playing the sport?

“I started playing around five years old,” Weidl said.

Do you have any post-game rituals?

“Not really, but I listen to music often,” Weidl said.

How does your team get ready for a big game?

“We warm up, and as captain, I give them a pep talk,” Weidl said.

How has the sport changed over the years?

“It has become a lot more physical due to the fitness of players, the change in analysis of how people play and the new racquets,” Weidl said.

Do you still enjoy the sport years after you started?

“Yes- it serves as a stress reliever for me,” Weidl said.

How do you manage school and a varsity sport?

“It is really hard, but I try to do as much work as I can during class so I don’t end up with too much homework,” Weidl said. “Honestly, I just stay up until 2 a.m. doing my homework.”