Athlete of the Week: David Nguyen


Contributed bt David Nguyen

David Nguyen (pictured left) alongside his teammates at a cross country meet on Sept. 19.



David Nguyen, a senior at Northwest, has run on the cross country team for two years. This year, he is serving as one of the team’s senior captains.

When did you start running?
“I started my junior year,” Nguyen said. “I hated running but my friends were doing it and I wanted an activity that would force me to get better (at running).”


Do you enjoy participating in cross country?
“Yes, I enjoy it now more than ever before,” Nguyen said. “I enjoy seeing the team every day and knowing that I’m improving with every practice.”


What is your favorite part about being on the cross country team?

“Being part of a team is what I love most. It’s taught me a lot,” Nguyen said. “I’ve been able to form connections that have allowed me to grow and improve.”


How do you prepare for a meet?

‘The guys prepare by circling up and cheering, then we yell a chant before the race starts,” Nguyen said. 


How do you balance school and your sport?

“It’s not easy. I start homework as soon as I can and go to bed when I finish,” Nguyen said. “If I’m able to, I try to do homework that’s due the next week in order to save time in the future.”


What is your favorite cross country tradition?
“We eat ice pops after every race. Everyone looks forward to them,” Nguyen said.