Students share their summer experiences

As students are making their way through the fourth week of school, many are already reminiscing about summer. From taking a cruise to practicing an instrument through in band camp, Northwest students had a variety of summer experiences.

Sophomore Garret Eichlin went to Greece  as a graduation gift for his brother. His family took a Royal Caribbean cruise around the Greek peninsula. His favorite part, Eichlin said, was spending time with family. 

“It was nice going on a big vacation as a family before he (my brother) graduated,” Eichlin said.

Eichlin said that Athens was his favorite city in Greece because of the Parthenon. Eichlin’s brother is going to UNC-Chapel Hill this year. 

Others took summer in a more studious direction.

Sophomore Logan Monday completed an online German class, visited San Antonio, Texas for a band competition, and practiced his French horn skills with the school band. During the month of August, his summer–like that of many other students– was dominated by band camp.

“We had band camp; that was a lot,” Monday said. 

Another summer traveler, sophomore Areen Dabaghav, went to Switzerland. Dabaghav went to amazing cities, saw towering mountains and crossed crystal lakes. 

“Summer was great,” Dabaghav said. “You could go weeks without remembering what day it was.”

Summer is a time for exploration, fun and reflection. Students don’t necessarily remember the details of how expensive the trip was or how arduous the camp, but rather they hold dear the memories of the time spent with family and friends. 

And with this Monday said “I didn’t really do anything else.”