Getting to know next year’s student council: President Blake Sullivan, VP Kema Leonard and Secretary Avery Hurst


President Blake Sullivan, photo provided by Mackenzie Milani-Kaufman

Student council is a way for high school students to have a say in the way their school is run and organized.

Every year, Northwest holds elections to decide who will serve on the student council for the upcoming school year. High schoolers get to vote for the overall representatives for the school, as well as the representatives for their respective grade level (rising sophomore and junior classes).

Recently, Northwest elected the student body president of the school, rising senior Blake Sullivan. He was voted in alongside vice president Kema Leonard and secretary Avery Hurst.

“I am excited (to work with Avery and Blake),” vice president Kema Leonard said. “I’ve worked with Blake before, and I’m interested to find out how Avery will be on student council. I don’t really know a lot about him.”

Both Blake Sullivan and Leonard have been in Northwest student council ever since their freshman year. They have worked side-by-side throughout their high school careers.

“I want to improve school spirit and unity more,” Leonard said.

Both Sullivan and Leonard are keen on boosting student body pride at Northwest.

“Next year I think that I would like to build on top of homecoming,” Sullivan said. “There were a lot of great things that were started up that were new this year, but I think that we can really make homecoming a school-wide event and turn it into a really big event to boost student spirit.”

Sullivan and Leonard agree on boosting school spirit. The two student leaders also agree that the campus can be cleaner, and they both want to change that.

“I would like to find a way to get certain clubs or grade levels involved in cleaning up Northwest,” Sullivan said, “and making this school something that we haven’t gotten (before).”

Leonard believes in a slightly different approach to keeping the school clean, but he also agrees with the mentality that students– and even staff– can help with the cleaning process of Northwest by doing things as simple as picking up something that doesn’t belong, like litter.

Student body secretary Avery Hurst plans on building Viking pride.

“I would really like to help our school spirit and mostly try to get the Viking pride up. I’m glad I can be on the student body and help out with the school,” said Hurst.

This year was Hurst first year running and he is ready to improve our school.

“Thank you for voting for me. It’s going to be a great year (next year);, I’m happy to be y’all’s secretary through our senior year.”

President Blake Sullivan, photo by Mackenzie Milani-Kaufman
Vice President Kema Leonard, photo by Mackenzie Milani-Kaufman
Secretary Avery Hurst, photo provided by Chase Harrell