Girls’ lacrosse season comes to a close

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Girls’ lacrosse season comes to a close

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The 2018-2019 school year has shown many teams prosper. Between wrestling, cheerleading and girls’ basketball competing (and in some cases, winning) at the state level, Northwest has had a successful athletic year.

Girls’ lacrosse maintained a strong record of 18 wins, only having lost their final game against Marvin Ridge High School during the Elite 8 of the state playoffs.

The Sweet 16 game against Reagan High School was a tight match with an 11-9 final score–the Vikings’ final victory of the season.

“In the second half, we lost some momentum and (the game) became tied,” freshman midfielder Isabelle Parrett said. “Soon after, I scored two key goals to secure our win.”

However, the game against Marvin Ridge was the most challenging game of the season. Nerves affected some of the girls; there was a lot of pressure to win the game because of their perfect record.

“We have never played a team close to our level in skill and this was a first for us,” senior midfielder Meredith Sinkler said.

The stats for Marvin Ridge included four goals by freshman Devyn Martinez, three goals by freshman Olivia Toland and one goal each by freshman Carlie Saums, sophomore Kaylen Ayres and Parrett. Senior goalie Savannah Ranson had a season record of 25 saves, giving her a .694 save percentage in the game against Marvin Ridge.

“Some of my favorite memories are watching our offense score when it was do or die,” Ranson said. “It drove me even more to make saves and keep the score down.”

Overall, through good and bad games, everyone always has room for growth and improvements.

“This season has been amazing,” freshman defender Tilde Hogberg said. “The team has really gotten closer and we all want to work hard for one another.”

As this past season comes to a close, players have the opportunity to reflect.

“It’s meant a lot of things,” Parrett said. “I have been looking forward to being on this varsity team for the last three years. It has brought great happiness and love to my life. We play with such spirit and passion that it is unbelievable how much it means to us. We always play with competitiveness but know how to laugh and make the best out of things. It is what I look forward to every day.”