Student body election results

With the school year beginning to wrap up, clubs around campus are already looking toward the next school year. One such organization is student council, as new officers are voted in the school year before they will serve. The recent student body elections resulted with juniors Avery Hurst, Kema Leonard and Blake Sullivan receiving secretary, vice president and president, respectively.

The three all expressed their excitement to lead to next year.

“I would say I’m most excited to be able to lead the student body in respect to school spirit,” Sullivan said. “We will be the faces of the school, and with that there will be a lot of responsibility in terms of school pride.

Hurst reflected similar sentiments.

“I’m really looking forward to help out our school spirit and make our student section bigger,” Hurst said.

Leonard talked about how he wants to help create a good school atmosphere, as well.

“(I want) everyone to have a better experience here at Northwest,” Leonard said. “Even the little things make a difference.”

Leonard and Sullivan discussed specific goals they have for the coming school year.

“I want to help to further improve homecoming for next year as well as strengthen our connections to planning prom,” Leonard said. “I think when students plan dances and other events, they go over really well.”

While Leonard hopes to improve things already in place, Sullivan hopes to bring back something from school history that has fizzled out.

“I would like to try to bring back senior projects,” Sullivan said. “You look around school and see a lot of classes represented on benches and other former senior projects, but don’t really see anything past 2010, and I want to change that.”

Ultimately, the three all expressed feelings of gratitude to have been put in a position in which they will be able to affect change around the school.

“Thank you; thank you; thank you,” Sullivan said. “I couldn’t have done it without everyone who voted for me, especially everyone who got enthusiastic about it.”