2019 Teacher’s Choice Awards acknowledges students’ hard work


Junior Reagan Kargo and math teacher Rhonda Hudson pose for a picture. Kargo was chosen for an award.

Every year, each teacher has the opportunity to choose a student who stands out in their class. The criteria for choosing the student is up to the teacher to decide.

Spanish teacher Gwen Stencler chose senior Michael Edwards for her Teacher’s Choice Awards student. She looked at the overall character traits and their interactions in class to choose someone for the award.

“I always choose my students according to work ethic, their willingness to collaborate with other students in the classroom, their character traits–honesty and kindness–the whole picture,” Stencler said. “I’ve had (senior Michael Edwards) for two years and I’ve seen that he’s just a super all-around person, very kind, hard-working, goal-oriented and an overall super nice person.”

On Wed. May 8, the award ceremony was presented. It started out in the media center with refreshments and then moved to the auditorium for the awards. Each student was called and the teacher’s special note was read as the students went down to receive it.

“I think it was well organized and went smoothly. The person reading it, (Tanya Hiller), was real and had emotions when she was reading the names,” junior Abigail Seidle said.

Many of the students who got the award were pleasantly surprised that they were nominated.

“I got nominated by (Christiana) Burk, my honors anatomy and physiology teacher,” senior Savannah Ranson said. “She told me the day we got out for spring break. I was really surprised because I thought that was already over because people already got nominated two weeks before that. I was really happy and felt humbled she chose me.”

Junior Reagan Kargo was nominated by math teacher Rhonda Hudson and like Ranson, she wasn’t expecting it either.

“I didn’t even know about it until Ms. Hudson told me but I was very happy to have received the award,” Kargo said. “I really love having Ms. Hudson as my teacher, she is a great math teacher and is very helpful. She also pushes me and has supported me throughout the whole year.”

Seidle received her award from math teacher Joe Hamilton.

“Mr. Hamilton nominated me and I felt very proud that he noticed I worked really hard when no one else did, which is what he wrote on my award, Seidle said. “I like Mr. Hamilton a lot and I think he does a good job of keeping an energetic mood.”

The Teacher’s Choice Awards allowed for students, parents and teachers to get together and acknowledge all the students’ hard work throughout the year.