Northwest Art Show


Christy Ma

Scholastic Art Winners–Madison Ayres, Tess Cunningham and Jackson Clifton–hold up their certificates. This was one of the many awards handed out at the Art Show.

On May 3, Northwest presented its annual Art Show in the cafeteria. Students were walking about; dazzling displays of color were hung on boards; and shining medals were ready to be accepted by deserving students.

“The purpose of (the Art Show) is to give every student an opportunity to display their work,” art teacher Beth Herrick said. “We (also) give them a chance to sell their work. This year, four artworks sold.”

Each art level enters a set number of works. Beginners’ Art enters one piece a student; Art II enters two; Art III enters three and so on. National Art Honors Society members also helped with setting up the event and cleaning up after the event.

“The Art Show was fantastic this year,” president of National Art Honor Society senior Maycie Bruggeman said. “So many people showed up, and a bunch of students worked so hard and (displayed their) best quality of (art). (Many) got recognized for their hard work.”

Students, friends and family all attended to see the artworks students created throughout the year.

“I decided (to attend) because a friend asked me to go,” senior Madison Kodra said, “and I wanted to support (them). I knew it was important to (them) and (they) seemed pretty excited about it.”

This year, 482 works of art were displayed; Northwest art students worked on curating their selection throughout the year.

“We’re just so proud,” art teacher Amber Bryant said, “because we spent the whole year working towards this and advancing (their) skills. We showcased our wonderful students and the wonderful work that they do.”

There were several awards distributed during the Art Show; the winners of which are listed below the article. Peers, judges and teachers all had a chance to vote upon artworks and acknowledge said student. The awarded students were often ecstatic, and sometimes proud parents ensued asking to take photos.

“I won best in show,” junior Jaden Malley said. “It was very emotional; I was in shock; I broke down crying because (I) didn’t know how to react. All of my friends were there, and they came up (to me), hugging me and sobbing. It was so much fun, and it was one of the happiest moments in my life.”

It is important to award students who attempt or excel at something beyond traditional academics and athletics as it is often easy to ignore those gifted in seperate spheres of discipline.

“(With several exceptions), a lot of times, artists aren’t always athletes,” Herrick said. “(The Art Show) gives them an opportunity to be recognized for something; that’s why we give out trophies (and certificates). Since some of our artists are not winning trophies for sports event, (this) is a good chance for them to win (something tangible) too to show them that what they do is just as special; it’s just different.”

Art is often a release for students who may lack other outlets. To celebrate this form of communication can be rewarding and cathartic towards those who pour their souls into each piece; it shows someone has heard them.

“It’s a way for me to communicate,” Malley said. “I’m not a very talkative person. (Art) helps me voice what is in my head. It is relaxing. It’s fun. It’s a way to escape. (Being awarded) was like a promise that if I keep doing what I’m doing–working hard and following my dreams–I’ll have a chance to do well in the future. (It showed me) that I can do amazing things.”

Category winners:

  • Best in Show: Jaden Malley
  • Scholastics Art Awards:
    • Silver Key: Jackson Clifton
    • Honorable mention: Madison Ayres, Nicole Bird, Tess Cunningham
  • Superintendent’s choice art award:
    • Tied 1st: Erin James
    • Representative: Emalee Anderson
  • People’s Choice Awards:
    • Beginning: Autumn Jackson
    • Intermediate: Dymond Sambucci-Brown
    • Proficient Honors: Zihan Tang
    • Advanced Honors: Austin Liebgott
    • Photo Design: Will Tart
    • AP Drawing: Tess Cunningham
    • AP 2D: Christy Ma
    • AP 3D: Sarah Dawkins
  • Judges’ Choice Awards:
    • Beginning:
      • 1st: Stephanie Oh
      • 2nd: Katie Horne
      • 3rd: Young Chung
    • Intermediate:
      • 1st: Audrey Milks
      • 2nd: Paige Moore
      • 3rd: Claire Halterman
    • Proficient Honors:
      • 1st: Evyn Dean
      • 2nd: Evan Edwards
      • 3rd: Olivia Burg
    • Advanced Honors:
      • 1st: Erynne Lee
      • 2nd: Gretta Overmyer
      • 3rd: Mallory Hash
    • Photo Design:
      • 1st: Danika Perez
      • 2nd: Ana Torporoski
      • 3rd: Renad Alsaid
    • AP Drawing:
      • 1st: Erin James
      • 2nd: Haley Siebold
      • 3rd: Jeanette Wei
    • AP 2D:
      • 1st: Jaden Malley
      • 2nd: Jessica Gustafson
      • 3rd: Madison Parsons
    • AP 3D:
      • 1st: Erin Kohn
      • 2nd: Alivia Hicks
      • 3rd: Audrey Gray
  • Artistic Growth:
    • Beginning: Matthew Brewbaker
    • Intermediate: Avery Miller
    • Proficient Honors: Saunly Hean
    • Advanced Honors: Vivian Maynard
    • Photo Design: Autumn McNeill
    • AP Drawing: Haley Siebold
    • AP 2D: Brooke Bobetich
    • AP 3D: Erin Kohn
  • NC A&T Sit-In competiton:
    • 2nd: Maryam Keshavarz
    • 3rd: Julia Nelson
    • Certificate of Appreciation: Olivia Burg, Zihan Tang, Jazmyn Wilson, Alexis Sirimongkhon