FCA raises money to buy goats for people in Haiti


The FCA club sits outside the cafeteria selling doughnuts to raise money. Their goal was to raise $450 for this fundraiser.

At Northwest, there are many clubs and classes trying to raise money by fundraising. Typically, the money raised goes to art supplies or a charity.

This is not the case with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) who has the unusual goal of raising money to buy goats for people in Haiti.

“I became involved in FCA my freshman year so that I could be able to grow in my Christian faith with other Northwest students,” junior Blake Sullivan said.

Sullivan originally started this project in January of 2018 when his youth group was planning on going on a mission trip to Haiti.

“At one of the meetings for the mission trip, my youth pastor, Kevin Weisman, mentioned that through Mission of Hope, we could raise extra money to build wells in Haiti, build houses, buy solar ovens, or to buy a male or female pair of goats,” Sullivan said.

Although there were many other ideas, Sullivan was very intrigued by the idea of purchasing goats for people in Haiti.

“I realized that goats are extremely life changing to people in Haiti, for multiple reasons,” Sullivan said. “First, goats are very resilient to harsh climates like Haiti and require very little upkeep. Secondly, goats provide a source of calcium in their milk which is important because many Haitian children lack essential nutrient like calcium. Thirdly, families can receive an extra source of income by selling the goats offspring.”

Sullivan went on to explain that Haiti is currently economically disadvantaged because they do not have any goods exported into the global economy.

“I realized goats would be more substantial for the people of Haiti,” junior Shelby Lester said.

Although the club was originally founded for athletes, it is accepting of all people.

“I was an athlete, but I’m not anymore,” Lester said. “Anyone is welcome to come.”

The FCA has done some school wide fundraisers such as selling doughnuts, however their goal is much bigger.

“The large goal for Goats for the Globe is to start up goat farms within Haiti so that trade will increase first locally, then internationally,” Lester said.

If anyone has any questions or would like to support the cause, use this email link: [email protected]