Northwest varsity girls’ soccer works hard for a good season


The Northwest Varsity Soccer team gets ready for a game against the Grimsley Whirlies. They won 6-1 at home.

The Northwest girls’ soccer team is looking forward to a great season this year with a deep playoff run. So far, their record is 1:4:1 against tough teams like Pinecrest High School and West Forsyth High School.

After a few key players leaving last year, seniors Payton Creed and Logan Farrelly, are new leaders and are pushing the team in the right direction with head coach Terry Murphy. Captains of the team are Creed, Farrelly and senior Ayse Demirci.

“I don’t think we started out as strong like previous seasons,” Farrelly said. “We hit some rough patches with new players, but once we get our line-up right, we’ll start playing better.”

Creed is out for three weeks with a high ankle sprain, but she hopes to make a difference from the sidelines.

“I’m definitely going to get everybody mentally prepared before we step onto the field,” Creed said.

Creed will be cleared in three weeks to play at the end of the season, but her absence has affected the team.

“She was our whole drive as a forward, and she was our scorer; we really miss her in those parts,” Farrelly said.

Some strengths of the team are their back line and transition game. Their ability to get goal opportunities is increasing and they are working on executing it. One weakness that the team has is communication. With 11 players on the field on opposite sides, it can be hard to keep everyone on the same page.

“We can communicate more, do our own jobs and play more as a team,” Creed said.

Communication is a major component in any team sport, and without it, the team chemistry can struggle.

“We just haven’t ‘clicked’ yet,” junior Gabby Martin said.

Most of the girls on the team, including Creed, play club soccer in the off season. This keeps their stamina up after the high school season, so they are ready when Northwest soccer comes back.

“Club is a lot of technical work, and it’s a lot more competitive,” Creed said.

Creed and Farrelly both play on North Carolina Fusion in club season.

To bring out the club competitive spirit in the team, Murphy has put a point system in place to determine starters and to encourage the team work harder for each other.

“I have mixed feelings about it,” Creed said. “But, I do think that it does create competition.”

Creed and Farrelly believe that it can be modified– especially in the areas of when it determines starters.

Also, Murphy posts who was the player of the game on Some players have been sophomore Abbie Wise and senior Tess Cunningham.

“He’s been trying to make us more disciplined,” Martin said. “Like trying to make us sharper in practice with less goofing off.”

To find the right combination of players on the field for that ‘click,’ Murphy has been switching around positions to experiment.

This flux moving of positions can be seen in their record, but their work ethic says otherwise. For example, their competition with top teams in the state like Pinecrest and West Forsyth will only help them in the long run in the playoffs.

“You don’t play better unless you play good teams,” Martin said.

You don’t play better unless you play good teams”

— junior Gabby Martin

Overall, the team is optimistic for their improvement and Murphy has been working hard to give them the best opportunities. With great individual players and senior leaders, they now need to master playing as a team to rise to the next level.

“I’m really excited for (the season),” Creed said. “We have the talent, and I think we should go further (into playoffs) than we did last year.”

All photos taken by Angela Martin.