Northwest math club competes at local math competition


The Northwest Math Club participated in the WSSU Mathematics Face-Off on Friday, Mar. 22. The Level III team placed second in the region.

The Northwest math club went to the Winston Salem State University (WSSU) Mathematics Face-Off on Friday, March 22.  The competition is split into two different tests. Students take the Level III test if they are currently enrolled in NC Math III and the Comprehensive Mathematics Test is for students who have completed NC Math III and are taking a higher-level math course.

The Northwest math club team, led by AP statistics teacher Catherine Brown, has monthly meetings where members work together to solve math problems in preparation for competitions like the WSSU Mathematics Face-Off.

“My favorite part of the math competition was being surrounded by my friends who had similar interests in math,” sophomore and math club co-president Caroline Howard said.  “Although none of us moved on to the state level, this competition was a great opportunity to bond with other people in the club and learn about new ways to use problem-solving skills.”

For Howard, the math competition was a rewarding experience and a way to apply the skills she had learned in math club and in school.

“The entire year, the math club had worked towards this competition.  It was rewarding to see our work pay off in the questions we were able to answer,” Howard said.

The day started at 8:15 a.m. when the introduction ceremony began.  After this, students took a 70-minute test. Students competed against other schools in the surrounding area, including Grimsley High School, Chapel Hill High School and East Chapel Hill High School.  After the test was finished, students turned in their test for grading.

It was rewarding to see our work pay off in the questions we were able to answer.”

— sophomore Catherine Howard

“After (the test was finished), the Northwest team clustered together to compare answers,” Howard said.  “The grading process was somewhat chaotic, and we ate sandwiches and cookies while we waited.”

The math club performed well at the WSSU Mathematics Face-Off, and the Level III team placed second in the region.

The Northwest math club and math competition are a way for students to learn new techniques for solving math problems and apply this to their daily lives.

“I like math club because it provides a challenge,” Howard said.  “I like to learn new ways of problem-solving that are not taught in school, as well.  This builds an appreciation for math because math is not seen as merely “nerdy” but instead as a fun activity in which friends can work together.  It provides a space where we can all learn from each other and are comfortable asking for help.”