Promposal season gets into gear

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Promposals–asking a prospective date to prom–are now in full swing, with less than three weeks left until prom on April 6. (Prom tickets are now available for sale online to juniors and seniors for $35. They will also be sold in school for $40.)

There seem to be several standard approaches to the promposal: the relatively conventional poster, usually complete with a pun or pop culture reference, or something out of the box–sometimes literally: senior Brooke Bobetich recently promposed to her friend, Meredith Sinkler, with a box full of cupcakes.

“Ravioli ravioli, join me at promioli?” the lid of the box read.

Bobetich elaborated on the reasoning behind her somewhat unconventional promposal.

“My friend Meredith and I both really like Spongebob,” Bobetich said. “So I made her cupcakes with a box that said ‘Ravioli, ravioli,’ which is a Spongebob reference.”

Her promposal this year, however, pales in comparison to hers last year.

“Last year, I asked my friend Hannah to prom. I dressed up as an ice cream cone and ran through the (cafeteria),” Bobetich said. “I had a sign that said, ‘Will you cone (sic) to prom with me?’”

Bobetich also shared her opinion on promposals in general.

“I feel like you have to do a promposal,” Bobetich said, “or it’s not worth going to prom. You have to do a good one, too–you’ve got to base it off the person. You can’t do a derpy one, like, ‘Take this dum-dum to prom!’ You can’t do something everyone else does–you’ve got to think of something new. And you’ve got to think of something very over-the-top, like dressing up like an ice cream cone–you’ve got to embarrass yourself.”

Bobetich’s promposal this year was centered around a Spongebob reference.