Northwest dancers Q&A


Q: Where do you dance?

Junior Caroline Chavis: I (have) danced at many places but I currently dance at Greensboro dance theater. 

Junior Maddie Cadby: Dance project.

Q: What type of dance do you do?

Chavis: I do ballet, contemporary and lyrical.

Cadby: Modern and ballet.

Q: Do you compete? If you have, have you won any awards?

Chavis: Yes I (have) competed and I (have) won nationals a few times. 

Cadby: No, I don’t compete.

Q: How long have you danced?

Chavis: Since I was 4 or 5

Cadby: Probably since I was like 7 years old

Q: Why do you dance? How did you start?

Chavis: I dance because I was really shy. It was the only way I could really express myself.

Cadby: Dance is really fun to me. I’m passionate about it because my mom is a dance teacher, that’s how I got into it.

Q: What and/or who inspires you to dance?

Chavis: Other kids inspire me to dance. When I see other people it’s really cool to see what they do and the passion that they have.

Q: What opportunities have you got by dancing?

Chavis: I have gotten many scholarships to help pay for college.

Cadby: I just dance for fun for I  (have not) really (gotten any) opportunities. Although I (once) did a dance program at UNCG (University of North Carolina at Greensboro). 

Q: Why is dance important to you?

Chavis: Dance is really important to me. It allows me to take my mind off things that bother me.

Cadby: Dance is important to me. It (is an) easy way to relieve stress and let go of my everyday worries.