Rainy Day Playlist

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With rain on its way yet again, many students have broken out their rainy day playlists. Here are some rainy day song suggestions:

100 Miles and Running (ft. Wale & John Lindahl) by Logic
Right from the start, ‘100 Miles Running’ hits its listener with a positive feeling. The fast beat and lyrics give the song a good energy, perfect for those who need an extra boost on rainy days.
“It’s a very upbeat song,” senior Haydn Torres said. “When it rains, I want to feel better.”

Bad Day by Daniel Powter
A minor throwback for some, ‘Bad Day’ is a rather popular song. It is perfect for those who don’t like rainy days.
“I’ve never really liked the rain, so I always listen to it when it rains,” sophomore Madeline Lacopo said.

Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol
This song is another well known song, especially for fans of the popular television show ‘Grey’s Anatomy,’ on which it has appeared multiple times during dramatic scenes.
“(This song) makes me think of McDreamy dying on ‘Grey’s Anantomy,'” senior Bekah Drake said.

Good Thing Gone by Elle King
‘Good Thing Gone’ is the perfect rainy day song if you’re looking for something low-key. The beat is steady throughout the entire song, and the vocals stay relaxed for the most part. The background vocals–similar to a choir– and organ help to give the song a relaxed vibe.

Gypsy by Lady Gaga
Gaga begins the song with slow vocals and about a minute into the song, brings in an energizing beat behind her meaningful lyrics, which remind the listener that just because they are lonely, doesn’t mean they’re alone.
“It’s my favorite song,” freshman Eli Forehand said. “(It) reminds me that even in my loneliest hour, there is always tomorrow to look forward to, and that I can make it.”

Seasons (with Sjava & REASON) by Kendrick Lamar and Mozzy
‘Seasons’ is the perfect rainy day song for fans of rap. As the song was a piece in Lamar’s album for the movie ‘Black Panther,’ it features Sjava, who adds in lyrics in Zulu discussing his life in Africa.
“It’s slow and has beautiful male vocals over a distant piano,” junior Kema Leonard said. “The rapping comes in, and it’s smooth. I could just picture it being played while I’m inside with no lights on, just watching and listening to the rain fall outside.”

Sweet Jane by Garrett Kato
The vocals on ‘Sweet Jane’ are soft and slow throughout the song. This coupled with the rather minimal instrumentals allows the song to have a calming effect on the listener.
“It’s slow, and it’s a nice sad song to listen to (on rainy days),” junior Hallie Bell said.

Vienna by Billy Joel
A classic, ‘Vienna’ is known for it’s strong message: you have your entire life ahead of you; slow down and enjoy it. Additionally, the song’s piano adds to uplifting vibe.

Weakness by Jeremy Zucker
The song begins with some distant rain noises, making the listener feel as if it is actually raining whether it is or not. The soft vocals are accompanied by a minimal beat, allowing the listener to reflect on whatever is on their mind.

You Say by Lauren Daigle
Daigle’s ‘You Say’ is her message to God. She specifically remarks on His reassurances to her in her lowest points.
“It helps me with my self worth and value,” Forehand said. “It reminds me to love myself for who I am, and to not give up or give in to the pain.”

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