Spring sports begin for athletes


Photo contributed by Ava Overmyer

The varsity girls’ lacrosse team comes together after their last day of tryouts. Emotions were high after the three day process.

As Feb. 13 approached, many athletes prepared for spring sports tryouts. Over a two to three day process, coaches made the tough decision on who they wanted on their teams and who to cut. Four athletes shared their tryout experience from each day.


Freshman Izzy Parrett has been looking forward to play for the Northwest lacrosse team the past two years. Her goal is to make the varsity team and prove herself to the coach.

“I was extremely nervous, but also really excited for tryouts today,” Parrett said. “(Today was) exhilarating; my emotions went from really nervous, to relieved, but still serious.”

She used today to help her over the next couple days.

“I’ll use the result of today’s tryout to push myself to do better each day,” Parrett said. “I will also use it as confidence to keep my nerves down.”

Sophomore Hallie Atkins played for the junior varsity softball team last year and is looking forward to this year. Her goal is to become a better player, for herself and her team.

“The anticipation (was high) because I am so excited to be playing,” Atkins said. “At the same time, (I’m) nervous to see what happens next!”

Today was a learning experience for her and will help her the upcoming days.

“I will learn from the critiques given to me by coaches and my teammates, so I can adjust to them moving forward,” Atkins said.

Junior Landon Frye is a returning player for the baseball team. His goal is to build a team that can win a state championship.

“I’m excited for the new season, and this marks the beginning,” Frye said.

With controlled nerves, he felt relaxed. However, Frye knows that he can always improve his game.

“I’ll use today’s result to try and build on the things I did well and work on the things I didn’t,” Frye said.

Senior JJ Parker looks to have a great lacrosse season and end on a high note. Even though today’s tryout was tough due to a lot of conditioning, he looks forward to the future.

“It’s sad; this will be the last time I’ll ever play with my best friends ever,” Parker said. “We’re going out with a bang.”


Parrett looks to continue her performance from yesterday. Having less nerves allowed her to better her personal game.

“I am very happy about today’s tryout,” Parrett said “My mile time went down 10 seconds (from yesterday), and my stick skills were on point.”

With teams being announced tomorrow, she is excited to see the rosters.

“I pushed myself to do the best I could, so I can make it to my highest potential level,” Parrett said.

Atkins continued having fun and becoming more confident at today’s tryout.

“I’m going to prepare myself both mentally and physically,” Atkins said. “(I’m not going) to get down on myself when I make a mistake.”

Frye’s emotions remained the same, but he’s very excited.

“I can’t wait for the season,” Frye said.

Parker’s second day of tryouts were a little easier than the previous day. With less running and more game play, it was less demanding on his body and mentality.

“Today, I tried to muster up some more focus and energy,” Parker said.


Parrett was thrilled to find out that she made varsity.

“(It) makes me really happy,” Parrett said. “I’m super excited for the upcoming season.”

Although the team has many freshmen, the skill level is high.

“We have a promising team,” Parrett said. “I can’t wait to spend (this season) with such great and talented people.”

Atkins sees the potential in her teammates on the junior varsity team.

“I really like the people on this team,” Atkins said. “We have a lot of potential, many hard workers and athletes that push themselves and others to become better.”

Frye made the varsity team and can’t wait for the upcoming season.

“We have a good chance of winning states,” Frye said. “The team is very talented.”

Parker had many good words to say about his fellow teammates on varsity.

“I think we have a great pool of talent and a great group of guys to compete with this season,” Parker said.

Experiencing the grueling tryout process together will help the team bond.

“I see our team becoming close as a family,” Parker said. “The coaches want us to be cohesive, and that’s the direction we will go too.”

With tryouts ending, this marks the beginning of the spring sports’ seasons. Practicing every day, teams look to represent Northwest well and become a dominant force.

“I’m very proud to play for Northwest!” Atkins said.