Latin Class Clint Craze


Clint signs a fake-NBA recruitment contract.

If you look closely enough in the Latin classroom, you may see tiny photos of a man’s face plastered on the walls. Some have been confused by the overnight unconventional decor and the ensuing cult-like adoration of the man.

“One of our Latin III students, Clint Halterman,” latin teacher Parker Jackson said, “is on our basketball team, and his sister (Claire Halterman), also being in the class, has created a fandom of Clint followers.”

The gag started from a photo taken of Clint on a family camping trip.

“My mom took a picture of clint using stage light in portrait mode (on her phone),” junior Claire Halterman said, “and because his sweater was black, his face was floating. It’s black and white so it feels like it’s supposed to be serious, but it’s just a giant picture of Clint’s floating face.”

This inspired Claire to put his face on a shirt, and later, all over the latin classroom’s walls.

“Everyone celebrates Clint as though he were a professional athlete,” Jackson said. “It started from his little group of friends having their own basketball team, and his sister was kind of poking fun at it. It just kind of lasted. The joke keeps going and going and going and it never stops.”

Clint has a small group of fans that attend his basketball games as a continuation of the joke. This lead to his personal fan account on instagram under the handle “@clinton_rainman”.

“I was at one of his games and someone (suggested it),” junior Greg Potter said, “so I went home and started the fan account. I think the fame has definitely gotten to him.”

On Feb. 5, Clint had a faux-team-signing into the NBA as a continuation of the joke. His friends, Greg Potter and Trey Foulks, designed and printed a gag-contract as a gift to him.

“He is a really shy and reserved person so (this is) so out of his personality range,” Potter said. “He’s just the perfect person to have as the icon of the class.”

People note that there are some allures to Clint that makes him the perfect candidate to turn into a gag.

“(This all) celebrates Clint, who is a good guy,” Jackson said. “He’s good-spirited about it, and it doesn’t upset him. He is just so quiet, and he pronounces his T’s in the word “Latin”. All of this just draws attention to someone who doesn’t ask for attention, and I think that’s what makes it really funny.”

Some latin students really enjoy the gag, such as senior Abbie Helton.

“He’s just absolutely incredible and the love of my life,” Helton said. “He is (like a) God (to me). He is a basketball star, he wins every game, it’s not a gag (to me).”

In contrast to Helton’s statements, Claire admits that Clint, while he is not terrible, is certainly not the best at basketball, which is another reason people find the gag funny.

As noted earlier, Clint does not mind the jokes, and rather finds the joke amusing.

“I just don’t understand it,” senior Clint Halterman said. “My face is everywhere. Why? I’m not mad about it, and I appreciate my (fan club account). I basically just don’t get it. I don’t know why (this is happening). I am very confused.”

(Picture by Claire Halterman)
(Picture by Claire Halterman)
(Picture by Claire Halterman)
(Picture by Claire Halterman)
Clint’s face, which is also on the cieling tiles, overlooks the Latin Classroom. (Picture by Claire Halterman)
(Picture by Claire Halterman)
Clint’s fake NBA recruitment letter
Clint’s fans at his basketball game.