Seoul Garden Korean BBQ deliciously reflects Korean culture


Bibimbap is a traditional Korean dish. It consists of rice, meat, egg, and vegetables.

Taking a trip to Costco any time soon? After a long shopping trip in the crowds of Costco, the perfect way to end the day is with a comforting meal at an authentic Korean barbeque restaurant– Seoul Garden.

For those who prefer a more standard Asian-American meal, Seoul Garden makes a delicious hibachi, chock-full of rice, veggies, and meat of choice.

“The teriyaki hibachi chicken was better than a lot of Asian places I’ve tried,” senior Elizabeth Kitley said. “The portions were also huge, so there was plenty to take home.”

Similar to fajitas in Mexican cuisine, a rice dish, known as bibimbap, contains a runny egg, zucchini, and carrots, all topped with the choice of meat or tofu, served in a sizzling stone bowl that continues to cook as it sits.

“The yolk cooked as it broke over the veggies and rice,” Loretta Kitley, Elizabeth’s mom, said. “The food sizzled and slightly browned up against the very hot, steamy serving bowl.”

To enrich the dining experience, Seoul Garden offers an option where you can grill the food yourself.

“The grilling experience seemed authentic and unique,” Elizabeth Kitley said. “ I would like to come back and try it.”

In addition to meat dishes, tofu and seafood options are also offered. Accompanied with authentic toppings such as kimchi, there are many ways to diversify your palette by tasting unique and iconic Korean food.

“I loved how the whole experience reflected the Korean culture and how the menu was full of different things to try that I had never heard of,” Elizabeth Kitley said.

For lunch, dishes range from $6.99-$15.99, with tofu being the cheapest option. Dinners can still be budget friendly, as they have shareable entrees, starting at $11.99. Single-serving entrees also start at $8.99, making this the perfect place to go with friends.

“It was delicious!” Loretta Kitley said.