Hallmark movies remain a family favorite


The Hallmark channel plays on the television. Roughly 85 million people watch the channel during the holiday season.

The Hallmark movie channel, originally started in 2004, has frequently been a favorite for many families. They are very consistent with their movie output, even though some of them have very similar plots.

A lot of people find joy and comfort in watching the movies due to their family friendly nature and easy to follow plot lines.

“I do watch Hallmark,” junior Krystyna Derezinska-Choo said. “I think that the stories are so cute, even though some are unrealistic.”

The plot of the movies usually revolves around a love story that seems too good to be true. The majority of the time the lead female has something missing in her life and doesn’t realize it until she meets the perfect guy. Mr. Perfect then proceeds to fall in love with said female lead resulting in the perfect pair.

Although the plots seem to be relatively enjoyable, some people enjoy them more than others.

“I think they are okay,” senior Dylan Whyatt said. “I don’t really watch them.”

After a while the similar plot lines become less interesting. To some people this isn’t an issue; they are dedicated to the channel.

“I watch them during the Christmas season,” Derezinska-Choo said. “I also have (the movies) on my phone.”

These movies tend to get a lot of attention during the holiday season. Through the whole month of December, the channel puts out a new movie every day.

Some people are not a fan and believe in quality over quantity.

“The movies they make are alright,” Whyatt said.

This being said, Hallmark has more than one popular channel. Hallmark Movies and Mysteries seems to be the favorite after the holidays have passed. Though the plots are similar the story no longer revolves around a Christmas theme.

“Hallmarks Movies and Mysteries are more suspenseful and worthwhile,” Derezinska-Choo said.

Overall Hallmark remains on many family’s televisions even after the holidays have come to an end.