Bathroom lockdown disrupts students’ schedules

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Bathroom lockdown disrupts students’ schedules

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After winter break, students may have noticed some unavailable bathrooms around the school. This has some angry about a smaller window to use the bathroom before heading off to class.

The bathroom at the end of the English hall and the one in the back commons are locked during lunches. Although the use of Juuling and tobacco products are a big part of the reason for locking these bathrooms, it is mostly for safety.

“There’s no supervision,” Principal Ralph Kitley said. “It’s easy for someone to slip in there and do whatever.”

This new rule was supposed to start at the beginning of the year, but due to complications, it became enforced after winter break. Students argue the fact that many teachers after lunch don’t allow them to use the bathroom during class.

“I think its kind of dumb to lock the doors,” senior Haydn Torres said. “[Many] teachers don’t let you go to the bathroom during class.”

However, if one is changing classes in the New Building or the trailers, there are plenty of options to use a bathroom.

“We are not trying to inconvenience people,” Kitley said.

We (are not) trying to inconvenience people,”

— Kitley

Another reason for the locking of the bathrooms is because students that go into these bathrooms during fourth period disrupt other classes.

“Teachers who are by those bathrooms understand because they deal with the interruptions,” Kitley said.

Students are aware of the problems that other students cause, but they do not think mass punishment is the answer.

“I don’t think they should lock the doors and punish everyone,” Torres said, “ just because someone else did something.”

Junior Sarah Lamb believes that female issues could be an emergency that cannot wait.

“It also isn’t healthy for people not to go to the bathroom during the day,” Lamb said.

Kitley is open to suggestions for how to make this better for students, but this is the best he can do at the moment.

“It’s an easier way to try and make it safer and cleaner,” Kitley said.

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