How to get back into your daily grind

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How to get back into your daily grind

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Papers are piling up on your desk. Friends and family are trying endlessly to plan things with you. It feels like you’re falling behind. As we are getting back into the day-to-day action of school after break, everything seems to require so much effort and create so much stress. Without a routine over break, it is difficult for some of Northwest’s population to get back in their daily schedules. Here are some tips to help you get back on your daily grind:


  1. Don’t procrastinate.It’s not difficult to fall victim to procrastination. When handed an assignment due days or even weeks in the future, it’s easy to put it aside until later. This becomes a problem when the seemingly far-off deadlines catch up and regret settles in. “If you put in hard work now, you’ll see a payoff soon,” junior Kate Nierle said. “Working hard now is better than regretting your slack work ethic in the future.”

    As Nierle suggests, try working little-by-little on projects with extended due dates, so the work load doesn’t hit you all at once.

  2. Find a support system.Though stress and anxiety brought on by the reinstitution of a schedule can feelisolating, it is likely that your friends are experiencing similar simulations, and can help get you back on track.“My friends help support and motivate me to do my best every day and to get my work done,” senior Grace Ducat said.

    Like Ducat said, it can be helpful to find people to surround yourself with that motivate you to do your best in every endeavor.

  3. Stay organized.It is common for students to carry around a planner with them in which they write down assignments, due dates, test dates and other important information. One’s organization can greatly impact his or her motivation and efficiency. “When I go home, I have a little note card on my desk with all my classes written down and I mentally go through my head to see if I have any homework or unfinished classwork or if there’s any work that I can get a jump on,” freshman Cameron Tippett said.

    In a society that has more students than ever before owning a smartphone (which either have a built-in calendar app, or one that is easily downloadable) there are similarly more ways than ever for students to keep organized and up-to-date with school work.

  4. Take care of yourself.Above all, it is important to take care of yourself by getting an adequate amount of sleep and taking a little time each day to relax or do something you truly enjoy.“Students need to get their sleep schedules back on track,” social studies teacher Kim Deyton said. “You can’t do anything productive when you’re tired.”

    While trying to keep everything together and in order, it can be easy to forget about your mental health. Taking care of yourself physically is one of the best ways to get yourself feeling like you have the ability to handle things and get back on your daily grind.




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