How to keep up with your New Year’s resolutions


It’s the New Year and like many others you probably have a New Year’s resolution. Also like many others, you may have trouble sticking to them. Generally the average American’s resolution only lasts six weeks.

So how exactly do you get passed that first month hump? Well first you should start by picking a realistic solution. Many people often try to go cold turkey on things, or push themselves too hard and quit, so you want to pick something feasible. Try starting with small steps, and don’t put too much pressure on yourself at once.

Your goal should also be specific. Saying vague things like “lose weight” or “Get better grades” isn’t going to help you stick to them. Instead try picking a precise goal like “Study 15 more minutes every day” or “Go running in the mornings before breakfast”.

Also only pick one resolution if you’re able to. Trying to juggle different goals at once can be stressful, and will probably lead to quitting or not trying your best. Try keeping a log of your resolution and marking down how well you did on certain days. This way you’re accountable if you don’t commit. Maybe find a buddy to go along with you on your resolution so you don’t feel alone, and you can provide motivation to one another.

Resolutions can be tough, but it’s a new year, stay strong. Remember if you pace yourself and stay positive, you can accomplish great things.