How Northwest students celebrated New Year’s Eve

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How Northwest students celebrated New Year’s Eve

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Thousands of people from across the nation all counting down to 2019 at the same time.  Fireworks, cheering and dancing all bring in a new year. 2019, full of hope and celebration was heralded from all corners of the globe, including Northwest’s student body.

Some students went out of town or on vacation to celebrate the new year, starting off 2019 with a bang and amazing memories.  

“I spent New Years Eve in Disney World with my family,” junior Elizabeth Calderon said. “That day was also my brother’s birthday, so that’s why we went.  We stayed until midnight to watch the fireworks above Magic castle.”

Calderon added, “My favorite memory was riding Splash Mountain that day; my family all had the best time.”  

New Year’s Eve was also a great time to spend time with family and celebrate with the people who matter most in our lives.

“I went to church with my mom for New Years,” junior Zeinab Daiby said. “At 11:59, we started the countdown, and there was dancing and singing.  It was a nice way to spend time with her.”

Similar to previous years, people often try to make New Year’s resolutions.  Many start as a way to keep track of their goals and progress through the year, trying to make every year better than the last.

“My resolution is to be more organized and stay on top of my schoolwork,” Daiby said.

It’s amazing that people all over the world from completely different cultures are celebrating the same thing.”

— Emma Carson

Staying up with friends is also an amazing way to start off 2019 and celebrate new beginning and hopefully the betterment of yourself.

“I went to a party at my friend’s house and stayed up until midnight watching TV,” junior Emma Carson said. “I liked letting loose and dancing and the suspense of staying up.”

Carson added, “My New Year’s resolution is to be more positive and grateful of things in the moment.  It’s so easy to get caught up in the stress, but, since I’m not in AP world anymore, it’s time to be happy.”  

The new year is great a time to get to know the people around you and focus on schoolwork and mental health.  It’s a chance to restart and try harder, a cycle many of us are thankful for as our goals fall apart in February.   

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