Are AirPods worth the hype?: students’ opinions on Apple’s earbuds


Sophomore Delaney Moran shows off her AirPods. AirPods have been seen all around the school.

Over the past few weeks, a plethora of memes about AirPods has invaded social media and has quickly seeped into the everyday conversation of students. Students can be seen wearing them around the school. Are the memes about flaunting off Apple’s wireless earbuds just a joke or are students being serious? And are AirPods even worth buying?

For students like sophomore Delaney Moran, the convenience is what sets these earbuds apart.

“They don’t take a lot of space and you can pop them in whenever you want,” Moran said. “You don’t have to deal with cords or anything.”

Senior JJ Parker also agrees that the convenience is what makes the AirPods so great.

“The AirPods are unmatched in terms of seamlessness and overall convenience,” Parker said. “They’re always charged because of their case and if you have your devices connected, you can seamlessly switch between the devices.”

Parker sees the memes online as humorous and has some insight on why he thinks people are making memes about the earbuds.

“The memes are funny but they are dumb because other earbuds like Beats are more expensive but people aren’t making memes about those,” Parker said. “I think it’s because people think AirPods look dumb and that people are only getting them as a status symbol.”

Junior Jason Ellington got his AirPods as a Christmas gift from his brother.

“I have been using the same earbuds by Apple for three years and hopefully, the AirPods don’t break like the other earbuds used to,” Ellington said.

In Ellington’s opinion, the memes have some truth to them.

“I am actually not very happy with all the memes about them, but people are definitely flaunting their wealth with the AirPods since they are $160,” Ellington said.

Unlike a lot of other students, sophomore Agustin Orozco got AirPods because of the popularity around them.

“I bought AirPods because it’s the trend,” Orozco said. “However, I would never pay $160 for headphones which is why I got them off of a sketchy website, but they still work.”

Orozco thinks that the reason a lot of young people like himself are gravitated to buying AirPods has to do with social media.

“I believe social media is the main influencer for this AirPod craze,” Orozco said. “You see celebrities using them a lot which will encourage people like us to buy them and AirPods are trendy, they’re in fashion right now.”

As for getting the AirPods, it’s up to whether you’re getting them for a real purpose or to be trendy according to Orozco.

“If you want to get them, I would get them, but it’s up to you since it’s your money,” Orozco said. “You have to consider if it’s worth your money just to look cool.”