NCASA Art Student Entries

NCASA, or North Carolina Association for Scholastic Activities, is a state organization that hosts a variety of competitions ranging from Quiz Bowl to the Art Showcase.

The Art Showcase is a high school art competition with eight categories: painting, drawing, printmaking, collage, digital art, mixed media, photography, and sculpture. All entries are created based on an annual prompt; this year’s prompt is “Selfie: No Filter”.

Each school can only send one artist from each category to compete in regionals, so the AP Art classes vote on the pieces to send. The school will be informed which of those pieces will continue to states.

Since the state competition will be hosted at Northwest High, there is an increases in pressure for the Northwest art students to do well.

The following are the winning pieces that will continue to regionals.

Painting: Hayley Seibald
Drawing: Christy Ma
Mixed Media: Erin James
Computer Generated: Sarah Dawkins
Photography: Josie Anderson
















The other entries are pictured below:


Teresa Pan (Incomplete)
Hannah Campbell (Incomplete)











Tess Cunningham (Incomplete)
Brooke Toffel
Noah West (Incomplete)
Jeanette Wei
Madison Morton
Aerin Crockett



















Mixed media:

Brooke Bobetich
Jaden Malley (Incomplete)
Maycie Bruggerman










Computer generated:

Emalee Anderson
Sarah Lamb
Vivian Maynard















Abbie Seidle
Annabelle Alexander
Emalee Anderson
Grace Johnson
Harper Brady


Sarah Lamb


Annie Grove
Jessica Gustafson
Kaitlyn Crews
Madison Ayres
Madison Parsons
Peyton Herring
Sam Drysdale
Skylar Skryzmoski
Brianna Wooten


Grayson Fidishun