Northwest hosts holiday blood drive


Senior Imani Mayers relaxes after just having donated blood.

It’s the holiday season, and people are in the spirit of giving. In this spirit, many students decided to give the gift of blood.

Last Thursday, the Community Blood Center of the Carolinas returned to Northwest, and students went to give blood throughout the day. The blood drive had been advertised throughout the month and gave students the opportunity to donate a pint of their blood to the center. Part of the event is to help the center create a name for themselves.

“We haven’t had a footprint in the area,” Community Blood Center member Kenneth Taylor said.

Some students described their experience giving blood as unusual, and even a little painful.

“It feels like my vein is 120 degrees,” senior Joshua Toler said as his blood was being taken.

Other students did not feel the process was too strenuous.

“[The procedure] went well,” senior Imani Mayers said.

In previous years, the blood drive was sponsored by the student council, but this time, the responsibility of organizing the event went to the National Honor Society. Throughout the drive, various NHS members could be found volunteering handing out lunches and checking people in.

The change in leadership didn’t seem to have much of an impact on participation. The gym was regularly attended with donors throughout the day, although it wasn’t overly crowded, possibly having something to do with the drive’s close proximity to the onset of winter break.

“Turnout was pretty good, but it could have been busier,” Taylor said. “It’s close to the end of school.”

In the last few days before a big break, teachers often will show movies or play games in classes, so students are less excited about missing class to give blood.

Still, many students showed up helped to provide blood for the local hospitals to give to those who need it.

“I just want to help people,” Mayers said.