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Is the iPhone X/XS worth it?

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Is the iPhone X/XS worth it?

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Apple released the new iPhone XS on Sept. 21, discontinuing its predecessor, the iPhone X. It costs roughly $1,100, retail price. However, is it worth upgrading to the newest, latest, most expensive iPhone?

“It basically has the same stuff as the X,” sophomore Rachel Steele said. “It really just has better a battery, but it’s more expensive.”

With the amount of money, the XS costs, if you get max storage, the same as a Macbook Pro laptop. Really, there is no point in upgrading to a newer phone, when there is a new one coming out every year.

“I still have an iPhone 5s,” sophomore Rachel Clanton said. “It works fine, and I can do everything I want to on it. I see no point in upgrading right now.”

It seems four-digit priced phones are what it costs to have a “nice” phone, and in high school, it seems that having the new iPhone is the new fad.

But, is it worth it to go into debt for a new iPhone that has the same basic features as its previous relatives? We think not.


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Is the iPhone X/XS worth it?