“Friends-giving” brings students together

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“Friends-giving” brings students together

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Thanksgiving is about being with loved ones and being thankful for those in your life. Families travel all over the United States to have dinner together. Although, instead of aunts and uncles, students are having their friends over for a “friends-giving”.

Juniors Kayla Hancock, Mackenna Myers, Mya Hulse and seniors Kaitlyn Crews and Jalisa Williams had their rendition on Tuesday, Nov 15.

“We started doing a ‘friends-giving’ a few years back and have done it every year since (then),” Hancock said.

The Ragnarok Yearbook also has an annual one with the class. The main dishes this year include mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese and pies.

“(It will bring the staff closer together) because we usually socialize and talk more at Thanksgiving,” senior Justin Fuchs said.

Yearbook has a stress-free time between deadlines with events like “friends-giving”, and Hancock and friends use it as a way to regroup during cheer season.

“We’ve all been super busy with the (cheer) state championship coming up, so we’re having dinner after our practice,” Hancock said.

Although blood related family members aren’t there, Fuchs believes that it serves the same purpose as the national Thanksgiving on Thursday.

People are coming together and bringing some of their favorite dishes to bond over a meal,”

— Senior Justin Fuchs

Both agree that the food is the highlight of the event. Every friend brings something different to share.

“I’m mostly looking forward to eating a lot of good food,” Hancock said.

Bringing friends together during a busy school year and before the hectic travel of Thanksgiving and the holidays can bring a group closer together. Students at Northwest are taking advantage of this long weekend to spend time with those that they may not see everyday in math or science. Others are taking their time to create more team chemistry.

“I think everyone’s excited, we always have fun whenever we do things as a group,” Hancock said.

Photos taken by Madison Ayres.

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