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“The Grinch”: Light-hearted and fun, but not a classic

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The new animated “The Grinch” movie was released in theaters Nov. 9. It is a fun, light-hearted film about generosity and kindness, although it probably won’t be deemed a classic.

The major plot points are the same, such as the Grinch stealing all the presents, his encounter with Cindy-Lou and the sweet moment of the Grinch’s heart growing.

Although these moments are nice, the movie as a whole just isn’t very enrapturing.

Big stars lend their voices to this reiteration, such as Benedict Cumberbatch (the Grinch), Rashida Jones (Donna Lou Who) and Pharrel Williams (the narrator). Regardless, the movie falls flat as a tepid reboot.

The Grinch as a character is not seen as grumpy; he is more antisocial than anything. In the beginning, he portrays his usual mean self, but as the story progresses, he demonstrates sweet moments, and he isn’t exactly the classic mean Grinch viewers love to hate. This made the classic ending, where his heart grows, less climatic.

The movie is sweet and has some funny moments, but most viewers will probably find one viewing is enough. The message is sweet, but it definitely wasn’t a classic.

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One Response to ““The Grinch”: Light-hearted and fun, but not a classic”

  1. Cyrus on November 19th, 2018 10:04 pm

    I wouldn’t trust anything by Illumination to be good. The best movie they’ve made is Despicable Me, and even that was mediocre. They’ve admitted to making cheap movies for the profit and everything they’ve made is pandering to the lowest common denominator.

    And this is an adaptation of a Dr. Suess book. You can’t make a 90 minute movie out of a story that would be 30 at the most without adding so much pointless filler. (The Jim Carrey film also had lots of pointless filler which made the movie much worse, but at least he acted like a grinch. I haven’t seen the movie (and I won’t) but just judging off trailers the Grinch seemed much more depressed than actually mean-spirited.)

    The Lorax film Illumination also made completely missed the point of the original because they just had to add things in the beginning and end to pad for those 90 minutes. I think Illumination should just keep their hands off Dr. Suess books. (Along with everyone else; every Dr. Suess movie released theatrically has been terrible. Just stick to reading the books or watching the original animated shorts. Now those are classics.)

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“The Grinch”: Light-hearted and fun, but not a classic