The always-changing Trump administration

Attorney General Jeff Sessions resigns from the Trump administration.

Photo credit to USA Today

Attorney General Jeff Sessions resigns from the Trump administration.

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Every time I turn on the news it seems someone from the Trump administration has resigned or been fired. Even Melania Trump herself got the deputy national security adviser, Mira Ricardel fired.

Since president Donald Trump has been in office, 26 members of the administration have come and gone. Only five have been fired including, US Attorney Preet Bharara, US Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates and FBI Director James Comey.

Although, it could be that there are more resignations because they were forced to resign or go through the humiliation of having our stingy President fire them.

On Nov. 7, Attorney General Jeff Sessions, resigned after two years. He was hired because “Trump felt loyalty” which is no reason to hire someone to help run a country of over 300 million persons.

Sessions was criticized from day one by our impulsive president because of his neglect to oversee the Russian election interference. Sessions “Trumps original supporter” most likely resigned because his boss is a big bully.

White House Counsel Don McGahn also resigned Nov. 9 after almost two years working for the President. His resignation most likely had to do with the confirmation of the the controversial Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

Mira Ricardel worked for Trump for about seven months before her release. Although the request for her dismissal is a little fuzzy. It could be that Melania just didn’t like her.

What’s very interesting is how quickly the president responded to the First Lady demanding for Ricardel’s early retirement. I feel that Melania has a lot more to do with the Presidents plans than we know.

Since the midterms have now happened we’ll see how many more of Trumps advisors will leave or be forced to leave. But we also have almost two more years until it’ll be over, maybe they’ll figure it by then.

Its kinda hard to run a country that has wildfires on one side and hurricane reconstruction on the other when you’re too busy finding new staff. It does seem that somewhere between this crumbling administration president Trump decided to promote using coal as a power source.

It’s situations like this where I actually consider myself lucky to be in high school and not a member of the Trump administration.


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