Latin versus German: Who will win?

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Latin versus German: Who will win?

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This past Wednesday, two worlds collided. An ancient rivalry dating back thousands of years played out in a soccer match among students of the languages German and Latin.

Around First Century, BC, the Holy Roman Empire (a Latin-speaking state) began its conquest of Gaul, a region of various tribes that is now modern-day France and Germany (which, at the time, spoke German). This conquest ended in success for the Romans with the Germans capitulating and being incorporated unto the Latin domain.

However, this ancient war saw a new chapter of history during the soccer game Wednesday, Nov. 7.

“I was so excited,” junior Latin student Christa Simaan said. “I wanted Latin to win, but the German team won.”

A lot of students considered this to be a great opportunity for both the German students and Latin students.

“It’s a really great opportunity for both foreign language classes to come together with a fun recreational activity,” senior Latin student Nick Riddles said.

“It immerses both the cultures,” Latin student senior Phoebe Martin said.

Excitement could be seen on both sides, with the Germans carrying a flag and the Latin’s sporting a banner with the Roman motto, “The Roman Senate and People.” The Latin students could be heard yelling: “Germania delenda est,” meaning “Germany must be destroyed.”

“I think the game is a way to have fun with both classes  at the same time,” Latin teacher Parker Jackson said.

Despite the enthusiasm on the Latin side, the Germans seemed very confident as the game progressed.

“It was a pretty intense match,” senior German student Alex Cullinan said. “We had some points deducted due to many players being on the field, but Deutschland always wins.”

However,  some of the people on the Latin side considered that the game might have been unfair to begin with.

“I definitely think that the Germans have stacked the soccer team on their side,” Jackson said. “So it might have been a little bit unfair.”

Latin students agree.

“It’s kinda stupid,” Riddles said. “[The Germans] only choose soccer because they have the entire soccer team in their classes.”

Nonetheless, the Germans ended up winning the game, clearly showing that even though the Romans may have defeated them before, they will now be the new victors.

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