Yearbook students celebrate Halloween with a mock Olympics


Cadby spits out her second apple while working fast to remove all the apples from the bin. Each member of the second team removed all five apples before the five minutes were up.

Despite a stressful second deadline cut short by Hurricane Michael, yearbook students celebrated Halloween through various team bonding games in a competition in which the group called ‘Yearbook Olympics.’

The class split into two teams to battle each other for a victory in the yearbook Olympics. Each student in the class competed in five games, a hula hoop race, a human pyramid race, a three-legged race, a balloon race and a mummy wrapping competition. Then three to four students from each team volunteered to take part in an adaptation of the TV show ‘Fear Factor’ and an apple bobbing competition.

Among all the games, fear factor and the apple bobbing competition proved to be the most popular.

In the Fear Factor competition, one student from each team placed their hand in a bowl while blindfolded and was challenged to guess the contents in the bowl. To start the game out easy seniors Brianna Wooten and Josie Anderson had to identify cooked ramen noodles. Two rounds later the game took a sharp turn when senior Sarah Dawkins and Caroline Chavis had to identify canned pigs’ feet.

After the hula hoop race and the human pyramid race, which team two dominated, three students from each team took part in the apple bobbing competition. While starting out as a simple competition it took a major turn and became a serious game. Junior Maddie Cadby was the first to figure out how to get the apples out of the bin, which led her to remove all her apples in less than a minute.

After successfully removing all apples Cadby began to coach her fellow teammates, by the end of the five-minute competition all three students from team two removed all the apples, while only one student from team one was able to remove all the apples.

The students’ determination led to the intense competition which by the end left all the participating students with wet clothes and hair.

After the apple bobbing competition, the class competed in a three-legged race, a balloon race and a mummy wrapping competition. In the end team two won by many points but the event was deemed successful by both sides as every student bonded throughout the competition.