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Girls find a place in weight training

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Girls find a place in weight training

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When people think of weight training, they probably imagine a bunch of sweaty guys lifting weights, but in reality, there are females in that image, as well. In fact, weight training is an elective in which anyone can participate, but girls’ participation has only increased in the last couple of years.

“Girls have been allowed to take weight training for as long as I’ve been here,” Coach Ron Bare said. “This year, the P.E. department tried to get an all-girls’ weight training class; it didn’t quite work out, but we did try to get most of our ladies into the fourth period.” 

Bare says there are about 15 girls in fourth period weight training, though there are some in other periods.

“(Our thought) was they’d be more comfortable with (girls) in their group,” Bare said.

However, the girls who participate in weight training say they are not bothered by sharing the class with males.

“The guys treat us the same really,” one senior girl in weight training said. “They just act like you’re one of them. I joined because I never had time to work out. This is almost a whole hour of (working out), which I really enjoy.”

The girls do mostly the same workouts as the guys, although some are modified.

“We all do the same (workouts) for the most part, but I try to modify some of the things for the ladies, nothing drastic, but sometimes we do different things for them,” Bare said. “They’re still involved, it’s just different techniques.”

Although the girls have some different workouts, they are still getting very good exercise.

“I joined to get stronger for the sport that I like,” one sophomore girl said. “The guys treat us the same, and we alternate between different works out, it’s very energizing, and I enjoy it.”

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Girls find a place in weight training