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5 spooky steps to master pumpkin carving

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5 spooky steps to master pumpkin carving

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Pumpkins are a central theme to Halloween decorations and crafts. Some choose to paint them, some etch into them and others carve them. Carving pumpkins is certainly the most traditional method of decorating a pumpkin, as it dates back to the 19th century when Irish immigrants brought over the custom in the form of carved turnips. Now, each year, millions of pumpkins are utilized across the United States for this long-standing tradition. Whether you carve a basic jack o’ lantern or an intricate, detailed design, here are some tips to make your pumpkin-carving experience the best: 1. Make sure you have all the tools you need before you start your carve. Though it seems simple to just take a knife to your pumpkin, if you have a design in mind, you will need the tools to draw or mark it onto the pumpkin. Brands like PumpkinMasters are popular for selling kits with all of the instruments you will need. 

2. When cutting off the top of your pumpkin, make sure the opening is wide enough for you to be able to get in and clean out the whole pumpkin, if it is too small, this will be difficult, and maybe impossible. In order to know in which direction your pumpkin top goes on, cut a mark like a circle on the side you will not be carving your design. Finally, so your pumpkin does not concave from the top, make sure to thin out the lid of your pumpkin, to alleviate excess weight.

3. Don’t be afraid to get messy. Before you start carving, you have to make sure the pumpkin is properly hollowed out. I suggest throwing on some clothes you don’t mind getting dirty, and if you have  long hair, pull it back.

4. If you decide to carve a complex design, you might benefit from finding a stencil online, and marking it onto the pumpkin before carving it. Personally, I chose to carve Frankenstein’s monster.

5. Finally, carve your masterpiece.


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5 spooky steps to master pumpkin carving