Gametime provides clean music for athletes


Kaylen Ayres

Junior varsity field hockey player Alexandra Ruch listens to music before a big game. Music is a way she hypes herself up.

As student-athletes get ready for a big game, they each have a certain way they like to prepare. From wearing a particular hairstyle every game to having a pre-game ritual, all these people share a common necessity: music. Music is a way for athletes to get pumped up for the upcoming game.

“The team always plays ‘Take Me Home, Country Roads’ by John Denver before every meet to get everyone going,” sophomore cross country runner Matthew Heras said.

The teams used to choose their own playlists and songs they wanted to listen to. However, some songs played had explicit words or vulgar lyrics. Recently, a new music platform was introduced to control what the school is playing.

Gametime is an internet radio station that plays approved music, messages and commercials for Northwest athletics. This is an easier way to approve songs for many teams and monitor the lyrics.

“With this product, we can sell advertisements to help offset the upfront cost of the product,” Athletic Director John Hughes said.

Along with earning money from sponsors and advertisements, Gametime makes sure the music played is clean and appropriate for the teams and spectators.

“What everyone needs to understand is that these songs are screened for both language and content. Even if there are no objectionable words, it still may not be approved based on what the song is about,” Hughes said.

Gametime has received praise about what they’re doing for the school and area.

“I think it’s awesome how they support the community and local businesses,” junior varsity field hockey member Devyn Martinez said.

Overall, the positivity of the new program will extend in the future for winter and spring sports.

“We have had so much success and positive feedback from using it, so we are purchasing a second laptop (that’s licensed to use the program). This way, we will be able to have the Gametime system at two athletic events at one time,” Hughes said.