Varsity football team suffers loss to Reidsville


Reidsville receiver Breon Pass celebrates scoring the first touchdown of the game against Northwest on Friday. His team would go on to win the game 28-14.

The Northwest varsity football team took on the Reidsville Rams at home last Friday in their sixth game of the season.

The game did not favor the Vikings, and they ended up losing the game 14-28, their third consecutive loss. Despite the sour outcome, the Vikings maintain confidence in their team and aren’t morally beaten over the loss.

“It was a tough game and a good fight,” linebacker Mason Houghtby said.

The first quarter of the game was a slow defensive battle. After the Vikings received the initial kickoff, both teams made small progress on their drives, but neither team made any progress on the scoreboard.

The Vikings however were optimistic about the slow start going into the second quarter, citing their ability to block the Rams’ offensive pressure.

“The defense is shutting them down like we need them to,” kicker David Phillips said going into the second quarter, “All in all we’re playing good football.”

The second quarter looked to be more of the same story until about halfway through. With about half the time in the quarter remaining, after a successful drive the Ram tossed a short pass to Breon Pass for a touchdown, putting the Rams on the board with a 7-0 lead.

Both teams made several more shots at a touchdown, with the Vikings gaining significant yardage off of a fake punt, although the drive still ended in a turnover on downs. Towards the end of the quarter, the Rams would once again find the end zone with a pass from goal territory, ending the half ahead by 14.

Even though they were down by two touchdowns, the vikings were still confident in their game and believed they could turn the game around in the second half.

“We’re gonna get things going,” right guard Blake Phipps said, “Keep working hard, keep doing what we’re doing and keep the hopes up.”

The second half started just the same as the first, with both teams battling to gain an edge over the other’s defense. Late into the third quarter, it proved once again to be the Rams who broke through and scored a touchdown off of a huge run down the field followed by another goal range pass to set the score 0-21.

However insurmountable the lead may have seemed, the Vikings were not ready to give up. While they weren’t able to get on the board in the third quarter, the final quarter was much kinder to them.

Only six minutes into the final stretch of the game, the Vikings made their first score of the night with a touchdown pass to Brandon Thomas, setting the stage for a comeback. Hoping to continue their offensive momentum, the Vikings attempted an onside kick, which was recovered by the Rams.

The Vikings defense managed to hold out the Rams for the next six minutes of game time, preventing them from scoring. With three minutes left on the clock, the Vikings made their return to the goal zone, and completed a successful touchdown pass to Cam Cloud to bring the score to 14-21.

While the Vikings would gain possession of the ball again shortly after, their dreams of a comeback were dashed when a falling quarterback threw away the ball only to have it be intercepted by the Rams, who would run it back for a touchdown.

Behind by two touchdowns and with only two minutes left in the game, the Vikings were at the mercy of the Rams’ offense, who ran the clock down to end the game, delivering a 14-28 loss for the Vikings, putting their season record at 3-3.

Still, the team remains united, and looks forward to ending their losing streak next week.

“We’ll come back and we’ll beat them next week,” Houghtby said.