First-Day Perspective: How students in each grade level responded to the first day of school


Sophomore Brody Hilton walks the halls early in the the morning before school. Photo Taken by Amara Titus.

The first day of school is exciting for everyone, whether you’re a freshman in a new exciting school, or a senior ready for the last year. No matter what grade you’re in, the first day is always a little thrilling.


Freshman Sarah Nadelson felt her first day of school was “good” but “long.”

“I didn’t do anything to prepare; I gave up.” Nadelson said, laughing. “It was better than the middle school, where they’re more strict and enforce everything.”

When asked to describe her first day in one word, Nadelson said, “All right.”

Freshman Ben Steele agrees with Nadelson that high school is an improvement compared to middle school.

“My first day was pretty crazy,” Steele said. “After lunch, I went walking around with my friends, and we saw a rat run across the gym. I thought it described how the rest of the year would go, but high school is definitely better than the middle school.” 

Steele’s word to describe his first day: “Insane.” 


Sophomores Brody Hilton and Skye Handley both felt the start of their second year of high school was more seamless than freshman year.

“First day of school was good,” Hilton said. “It’s definitely better than last year because I have more freedom to choose my classes and to choose things important to my future. I think the rest of year will go well.”

When Hilton was asked how much homework he received on the first day he said: “AP World and math, which took a very long time. He joked, “I had a mental breakdown, but it’ll be fine.”

Handley agrees that the start of sophomore year went smoother than freshman year.

“My first day of school was quite interesting; I found at least one person I was friends within each class, which is nice and I generally like my teachers,” Handley said. “I know the halls better, where I’m going, and I know more people.”


For upperclassmen, the first day of school was old hat, except with the added stress of more homework and dealing with the school parking lot.

“I showed up already tired, and I wanted to go home,” junior Chase Harrell said. “[The first day] wasn’t bad except trying to navigate out of the parking lot.”

Junior year is proverbially the most difficult year of high school, and junior Lauren Shaw already senses it will be a tough year academically.

“I had a lot of homework [on the first day],” Shaw said. “I’m definitely more nervous about [this year] because colleges really look at this year, and I’m trying to get into Western.”


As to be expected, seniors have anticipated this moment for being at the top and already have their sights set on graduation.

”It was actually very exciting just knowing that you’re graduating soon and it’s your last first day,” senior Hailee Nelson said. “Out of all four years, [this first day] was the most exciting.”  

All in all, the start to the 2018-19 school year was interesting for everyone: freshmen saw rats, sophomores struggle in AP World, juniors are worried about college and seniors look forward to finishing their high school career.