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School beautification: Would it make you want to come to school?

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School beautification: Would it make you want to come to school?

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High school. It has the reputation of being a dirty, slimy place full of angsty teens and old teachers. The smell that permeates not only the gym, but the halls is noticeably that of hormonal students mixed with lack of hygiene. The grounds outside the actual building are littered with trash from careless children and loitering friends.

Is Northwest any different than this classic example? Some believe so. Others do not.

Many clubs and organizations try to keep our school clean and neat; it’s a process called school beautification. The idea that learning in a beautiful atmosphere makes it more enjoyable is a novel topic to some, but many believe it may work. One such organization is the National Honor Society, which has a monthly campus clean up where members collect trash around campus.

“If the school is clean and well kept, then it shows that people care about our school,” National Honor Society adviser and math teacher Rhonda Hudson said. “It’s a place people want to be and learn in. That’s why we do campus clean up.”

Each member is required to partake in at least one campus clean up and many opt to participate in more than that.

“It promotes school unity and a love of the place we spend every day in,” Hudson said.

This notion that a clean school promotes learning and the want of being at school is shared by some Northwest students.

“I’m all for school beautification,” senior Kylee Palombo said. “A lovely place is also lovely for learning.”

School beautification ranges from picking up trash and litter to planting gardens and washing doors. It’s an all over process that takes time to accomplish and lots of work.

“It’s a lot of work for people to get organized to take part in [school beautification], especially when students are the ones getting involved,” senior Ian Lewis said.

Some people don’t believe school beautification makes any difference.

“People don’t want to come to school as it is,” junior Payton Creed said. “So why would making it pretty change anyone’s mind?”

Students must come to school either way and many don’t believe that if its more aesthetically pleasing people would want to come any more than they already do.

“It would be nicer once you were there, but people probably wouldn’t want to come more because of it,” sophomore Keely Woyahn said.

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School beautification: Would it make you want to come to school?