Northwest students show off their trunks

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Northwest students show off their trunks

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In North Carolina, 16 is the age students can obtain their license if they have had their learner’s permit for a year. Many students have their own cars that typically reflect their personality, but what lies within their trunks is a mystery to most.

At Northwest, seniors, juniors and sophomores can drive to school, and they must purchase a parking pass in order to park in the school’s lot. Northwest Horizons spent one afternoon checking out the range of items found in students’ trunks and discovered unique stories behind them.

“I typically carry dog food around in my trunk for when [my dog] gets hungry,” senior Sam McCoy said.

Athletes carry sports gear, many keep extra clothes in the car and some carry blankets for when they get tired.

“My car’s really awesome; I have a table built into the trunk of the car,” junior Haydn Torres said.

Sometimes because students are so busy, their trunks are cluttered and unorganized.

“[My car] gets so dirty because I’m always on the go, and I end up just throwing my stuff in the trunk or the back seat of the car,” sophomore Brooke Johnson said.

Every student’s cars reflect him or her as an individual. Junior Audrey Gray created a DIY hard wood floor for her trunk to make it look more pleasing. Senior Madison Mendy keeps her dance bag and a first aid kit in her trunk because she is always on the road. Johnson keeps clothes and a pillow case because she finds herself spending the night at friends’ houses many nights.

We are what we drive. The things we take with us on our journey can reveal a lot about who we are.

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