Northwest hosts 5k charity run for St. Jude’s Children Hospital

Students, teachers and members of the community gathered at Oak Ridge Town Park to participate in a local 5k race on Saturday, April 14. 100 percent of the proceeds from the event benefited St. Jude Children’s Hospital, which is a leading researcher on children’s cancer.

This charity run was organized and hosted by students of Northwest, led by junior Rami Bikdash. 

“We just wanted a way to kind of bring the community together,” Bikdash said.

Bikdash did not act alone in running this event. He received support from friends, as well as several organizations from Northwest including the Key Club and National Honor Society.

The run was planned after many months of communication with St. Jude.

“I contacted [St. Jude] early in October,” Bikdash said “They said, ‘Awesome, we would love to help you out with this.’”

Nathan Vescio
Social Studies teacher Ray Parrish addresses the crowd ahead of the 5k race for St. Jude Children’s Hospital.

The winner and recipient of a $50 cash prize was junior Joshua Hairiston, who completed the race in 18 minutes and 14 seconds.

“I’m glad I could be out here for a great cause,” Hairiston said. 

A raffle was also held for the participants, with the winning ticket earning the privilege to use a BMW for a weekend.

“I need some gas money for this month,” Hairiston said about his prize money.

The raffle kept many in anticipation, with four tickets being read before someone was revealed to have a winning one.

“We thought [hosting the run for] St. Jude would be an excellent way to show our legacy, to leave an impact on the community,” Bikdash said.