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Which type of furry friend does Northwest prefer?

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Why felines are paws-itively the best pet for anyone:

For ages canines have been quoted as “man’s best friend,” but this title seems to have long since run its course–as the benefits of having a cat as one’s companion are becoming more and more obvious.

To begin, cats require much less from humans than dogs do.

As kittens, they typically need less training than puppies do, as puppies are notorious for ripping apart furniture and using the bathroom everywhere in their first few months.

Additionally, because of a cat’s small size, they will never require the amount of food and water as that given to a medium or large-sized dog.

Furthermore, cats require less attention throughout the day than dogs. While dogs must be walked and played with every so often, cats rarely beg for attention for their companion.

“Cats can really do what they want to,” junior Alexis Barton said. “All you really have to do is feed them and then they’re pretty chill.”

Though cats have many gleaming benefits, rumors have been spread that cats tend to be more aggressive and mean than their canine counterparts, and this is simply untrue information.

Cats however, unlike dogs, set their boundaries quickly if they are being pet, held or touched in a way they do not like. This doesn’t make them hostile; it simply shows person interacting with them that they should not treat an animal in the way the person did.

“My cat, Millie, is actually really sweet,” junior Thomas Altmann said. “But my dog, Gustof, is a rude jerk.”

Altmann provides a clear example of how the statement that cats are mean is all lies. Perhaps we should look beyond the stereotypes set upon cats as a whole and appreciate them for what they truly are, which are majestic creatures whose ancestors were once worshiped like Gods in Egypt.

Why man’s best friend are the best of the pets:

The bark you hear whenever you pull in the driveway. The constant buddy for a walk in the park or around the neighborhood. The ultimate chaser of tennis balls and frisbees. Man’s best friend is all of these things, and that’s what makes them the best pet around, beating out the close contender: cats.

Dogs have a long list of desirable qualities that put them above cats and at the top of the best-pet list.

“Dogs are better than cats because they’re more playful and energetic,” senior Connor Young said. “They’re not just lethargic all day.”

Young makes a point. While cats spend the majority of their day resting and taking naps, dogs spend much of their day checking out suspicious noises and outside activities, playing and waiting for their owners to come home.

Dogs are there to greet owners whenever they come home, while cats lay in their hidden corner of the house, relatively unbothered by the arrival of their owners.

Along with this excitement, dogs offer more care for their owners than cats.

“Dogs can give you more love and affection than cats,” sophomore Dylan Streeter said.

Dogs can sense moods and play off of them to help best fit the needs of their owners. If a human is feeling sad, a dog may sense that and show more attention to the owner than usual, an attribute that cats lack.

Dogs can also be much more active and involved than cats.

“Dogs are better than cats because dogs can play fetch,” Streeter said.

Dogs can help keep owners active, with some high-energy breeds requiring frequent walks and play outside. And for those more laid back owners, there are less energetic breeds that require lesser play.

Dogs are able to play fetch, go on runs and walks and can even be taught games such as hide-and-seek.

Unlike cats, dogs possess a keen ability to be trained. Dogs can be taught to sit, lay, shake hands (or paws, if you will), hunt and keep watch.

Dogs serve as protection to many homes and businesses, barking and growling at intruders or possible signs of danger.

Another advantage that dogs have over cats is that they require less cleanup and maintenance.

“Dogs don’t require as much attention when it comes to using the bathroom,” Young said. “They just go to the bathroom in the yard instead of having to clean up after a litter box.”

All in all, offering plenty of advantages over cats, dogs take the crown when it comes to the war between cats and dogs.

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Which type of furry friend does Northwest prefer?