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Teachers’ literal pets

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Teachers’ literal pets

Teacher Abby Turner and dog Maui enjoying the snow.

Teacher Abby Turner and dog Maui enjoying the snow.

Teacher Abby Turner and dog Maui enjoying the snow.

Teacher Abby Turner and dog Maui enjoying the snow.

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Sometimes it’s easy to forget teachers are people just like everyone else. They have lives, families and pets: from the lizard in the library to the dogs at home, many teachers own a furry, scaly or feathered friend.

“We have one dog,” theater and creative writing teacher Abby Turner said. “Her name is Maui like the Hawaiian island, and she’s kind of a mutt.”

Maui belonged originally to Turner’s husband, and for the past eight years, Turner has had partial ownership as well.

“She very hyper and lazy at the same time; she gets really excited when we come home,” Turner said. “She’s super spoiled.”

Turner and her husband enjoy taking Maui out in the cold weather. “She loves snow, that’s the German Shepherd part of her,” Turner said. “One day we were up on a trail but she went fast down a hill and dragged me all the way down on my bum.”

Of course, Turner isn’t the only teacher with a furry companion at home.

“I have one dog,” biology teacher Jessica Tidmore said. “He’s rescued… and we also have two [cats], and they are also [rescues].”

Tidmore’s dog is named Bowie, after the late rock musician David Bowie. Her cats are both similarly named, one of them named Nicks after Stevie Nicks and the other named Jett after Joan Jett.

“[Their personalities are] demanding– very demanding,” Tidmore said. “If I put my hands down, they must be [pet]. I can’t just have my hands down. They have to have pets, and if I’m petting the cat I have to pet Bowie as well. He’s super spoiled.”

Not much to anyone’s surprise, but some Northwest staff doesn’t just keep their animal companions at home. Some have animals in their classrooms, whereas others keep them in the library.

“Here at school I’ve got Dewey, who is a water dragon,” media center specialist Natalie Strange said. “At home we currently have one dog, Shep, and he’s kind of an old guy. It was right around Christmas time, and we found him huddled up in a fire pit trying to stay warm. He’s a black lab and shepherd mix probably.”

Dewey, the library lizard, has developed a small fan group at the school, as well.

“I love him. He’s a beautiful boy,” sophomore Bailey Rooks said. “I want him to be my son.”

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Teachers’ literal pets