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Northwest students get bribed in order to show school spirit

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Northwest students get bribed in order to show school spirit

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School spirit is often cited as one of the most memorable qualities of one’s highschool experience. High school championship games and raucous student sections are the scenes in which many favorite memories of one’s youthful days take place. These settings are where history is made and friendships are formed.

In order for these occurrences to happen, however, students need to be present at games. Low turnouts and low school spirit can lead to less pride in one’s school or even worse performance from their athletes. Sadly, at Northwest, this low turnout is often the case.

“I don’t think that Northwest has very much school spirit,” junior Matthew Brumley said. “Other than football, I’ve never seen too many people at games.”

To combat this problem, measures to foster support for the state championship-winning girls’ basketball team have been put into place. These incentives include things ranging from drawings and raffles, all the way up to offering free admission and food to students that show up. While good in theory, some staff believe that simply “bribing” students to come to games isn’t addressing the root of this problem.

“I think that it’s sad that we have to do that,” math teacher Rhonda Hudson said. “I think that school spirit is innate and cultured within the environment… It has to be about the heart of the students.”

Getting students to come to the games is always positive; however, offering free things and prizes is a short-term solution to a problem that will exist until something radical is done about it.

“We’ve taken away our pep rally [and] our parade… it makes it hard for students to get into our sports and appreciate the fact that our fellow students are doing these amazing things,” Hudson said. “It [school spirit] doesn’t just happen.”

Developing true school spirit and pride in Northwest may turn out to be a daunting task, but it can happen with proper methods and work being put into place.

“To get that back, where kids literally love Northwest again… you have to get kids to want to participate,” Hudson said. “Things are being put into place, it’s good to see that we’re trying to build [spirit].”

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Northwest students get bribed in order to show school spirit