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Alma Mater raises concern

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Recently, on Friday mornings after the Pledge of Allegiance, Northwest students and staff have been asked to remain standing for the playing of the Alma Mater.

Performed by the honors chorus class when played on Friday mornings, the song reads:

Friendship ties remain forever, formed at our great school.

For they stir our best endeavor, they our lives shall rule.

Northwest, Northwest, hail to thee long may thy banner wave.

Ever may thy daughters love thee and thy sons be brave!

The age of the song in it of itself is one reason some students believe listening to the Alma Mater is not worthwhile.

“The Alma Mater is so old,” junior Jaylynn Nawrocki said. “It needs to be revved up.”

Many students seem to agree that the Alma Mater is outdated.

“We need a more boppy song,” junior Izzy Harper said. “Nobody knows the words to the Alma Mater, and I think it would be a lot better if all the students knew the words.”

The playing of the Alma Mater on Friday mornings was agreed on by the School Based Leadership Team, the reasoning behind it being to create a sense of school spirit and to reinforce students’ pride in Northwest.

“I don’t think [playing the Alma Mater] matters that much,” sophomore Ana Keating said. “It’s clearly not evoking spirit. I just think that it is frustrating people.”

So, what would a proper solution to this issue be–should we work on a more modern Alma Mater, or cease the song’s playing all together?

“I think a solution would be to just not play it,” Keating said.

Some students stand at the other end of the spectrum from Keating.

“To get everyone to know the words, I think we should play the Alma Mater every day after announcements,” Harper said.

No matter what the solution may be, Northwest students and staff need to come to an agreement on how to best handle the playing of the Alma Mater.

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Alma Mater raises concern