New copier saves headaches


The new copier (left) is a considered by teachers to be more reliable than the the old one (right) which has been here for about 10 years.

It’s another morning at Northwest. Students are milling about the campus, engaging in conversation and rushing to get their homework done. Amidst the crowd, math teacher Rhonda Hudson makes her way to the teacher’s lounge to make copies of today’s quiz.

As she inserts the paper into the machine, all seems normal, when suddenly, the machine stops working. With a sigh of frustration, Hudson resolves to copy the papers another day. The quiz for today is cancelled by the faulty machinery.

“You don’t get to copy what you need to copy,” Hudson said. “A lot of the time I end up posting [assignments]  on my web page, or opting out of a quiz cause I’m not able to get a copier to work.”

The solution to this frustration seemed to present itself this year with a new copying machine in the teacher’s lounge in the old building. The new copier serves as a way to more reliably produce copies and control traffic at the copiers.

In the past, teachers have been stuck with an unreliable copier, much to their frustration.

“The machines would jam on a regular basis,” English teacher Mary Adams said.

A lack of copiers available can lead to situations like the situation described previously, where an assignment or quiz is unable to be done due to a lack of copies available.

For some teachers, this problem has proved a costly one to deal with.

“I’ve actually gone to other places and paid to have copies made,” Adams said.

The breakdown of the old copier is something that something to be expected. Like any piece of office equipment, copiers don’t last forever, and the old one was likely close to its limit.

“I’d say [we’ve had it] about 10 years, but it was refurbished,” Hudson said.

According to a statistic from, high end copiers tend to last about seven to 10 years maximum. The copier’s refurbished status would put its lifetime close to this mark, or possibly less.

The new copier so far seems to make teachers much happier, and gives them a much more reliable source for making copies and keeping lessons on pace, even if it isn’t always perfect.

“[The new copier] still jams, but not as often, and is fixable by us,” Adams said.