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Head to head: Water is wet

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Head to head: Water is wet

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One of the longest debates to ever exist is the debate over whether water is wet or not. Some scientists would say its an indefinite argument, for water can not be classified as wet or not. However, with research, I have come to the conclusion that water is in fact wet.

The formal definition of wet according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary is “consisting of, containing, covered with, or soaked with liquid (such as water),” and, “preserved in liquid.” Water is consisted of water molecules, water contains water in the center of a container, and water covers water when poured onto it. Also, water can be preserved in water, so water should be able to be defined as wet according to this definition.

“Water is surrounded by other molecules of water,” Junior Joel McCoy said. “When water touches something, that thing becomes wet. Water molecules touch other water molecules, making both molecules wet.”

Any object or surface that touches liquid water is considered wet. When you feel it and declare it wet, you are touching the water that adhered to the surface itself. This creates the feeling of wet, and if water creates that feeling, and is described as wet when touched, it is safe to say that water is wet.

“When I dunk my slice of pizza into a glass of water, it becomes wet,” Senior Seth Blevins said. “It is wet because it touched water, and I can taste it being wet. It would not be wet if I didn’t dunk the slice into the glass.”

Water is probably not the best thing to dip your pizza into, but the example further proves the point. Anything that touches liquid water becomes wet, including water. If water was not wet, then how could it make other things wet? If water was not wet, is it even really water let alone a liquid? Through investigating the definition of wet, examining the properties of water, and performing “experiments,” it is safe to conclude that water is indeed wet.

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Head to head: Water is wet